It turned out to be an accurate message, and it was also one of the earliest signs that Kelly would eventually go on to become a professional psychic medium.

Kelly is an empath, so she feels the emotions of others; clairvoyant, so she psychically sees images; clairaudient, so she hears messages; clairalient, so she psychically smells things; clairsentient, so she physically feels the energy; and claircognizant, so sometimes she just knows things.

While in college, Kelly studied parapsychology with Professor Chris Cherry at the University of Kent at Canterbury in England, and she mentored under professional psychic Jo Wynn in Sussex, England. She also has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Georgia.

She has over 30 years of experience doing psychic readings, but it was just in 2017 that she received a direct message from Spirit to also begin mediumship work to help others connect with loved ones who’ve crossed over.

As an evidential medium, Kelly receives details such as a spirit’s appearance, personality, manner of passing, or sometimes even exact names. These evidence-based mediumship readings typically leave her clients feeling a sense of inner peace.

When Kelly does psychic readings, she uses a combination of Tarot cards and tuning in directly to the energy. These readings typically leave her clients with a sense of inspiration.

Leaving her clients with a sense of inner peace and inspiration is what motivates Kelly, as she is passionate about making the world a better place. That’s why she named her company Channeling White Light, as it’s a metaphor for utilizing divine energy to help others.

She and her husband live in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, and she often travels throughout the United States on her journey of learning, growing, and channeling white light towards a better world.

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