Some people are born with 20/20 vision; others may be naturally near-sighted or far-sighted. Some people may naturally have acute hearing; others may be hearing-impaired. Babies are born every day with differences in their muscle strength as well. It’s simply a fact of human nature that, while we may all be from the human race, we all have some degree of genetic differences.

I believe most everyone has some level of intuition. A great book about this is Blink by Malcom Gladwell. The brain often picks up on information and naturally intuits conclusions – conclusions based on logical input – before the analytical skills of the brain can understand why. (This is based on science and is not proof of psychic abilities; it’s just conceptually relevant.)

I believe that psychic ability is based in part on one’s natural ability to intuit information and in part on practicing and developing the part of the brain that allows information to enter without a full, logical understanding of where the information is coming from.

Part of that brain training involves letting go of the filters we’re conditioned to using in the everyday world. Most people can recall a time when their intuition told them something that later turned out to be accurate, but they’d ignored it because they hadn’t been able to understand a logical reason for the message to be true. This is an example of the brain’s filter preventing the full expression of intuition.

When we are children, we don’t have those filters so firmly in place. For this reason, children can often be more psychic than adults!

I remember a time when I was a child, and my older sister, Leigh, showed me a card trick. “Pick a card, any card, and I’ll tell you what it is,” she enthused. After I selected what I thought was a random card, she made a great show of concentrating before revealing the card I’d chosen with a flourish. I was so impressed, that I insisted I try it with her. When I accurately announced I knew she’d picked the four of hearts, her jaw dropped. She was shocked that I’d been able to pick up on her card without knowing the “trick.” When I saw her reaction, I understood that I had been tricked, and that my selecting her card was something abnormal. Instantly, my filter went up, and I could not repeat the result again for quite some time.

Many other psychic occurrences happened to me as a child, but it was during my high school and college years that I first started actively developing and honing my psychic skills.

Regardless of the degree of psychic ability we’re born with, I believe everyone can develop some degree of intuitive skills if they have the desire to learn and the perseverance to work at it.

Psychic Medium Kelly Palmatier
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