Are suicide victims punished in the Afterlife?
The Afterlife for Souls Who Transitioned Through Suicide

In the infinite tapestry of life, it is a poignant truth that some souls traverse a path marked by overwhelming pain and anguish, a path that sometimes culminates in the heartbreaking act of suicide. As we endeavor to extend our understanding and compassion towards these souls, we must first acknowledge the depth of suffering that leads one to view death as a refuge.

As an evidential psychic medium who has channeled thousands of souls who transitioned via suicide, I’m thankful to have gained some understanding of the transformational journey that awaits these souls in the Afterlife. It is a journey of healing, learning, and growth, offering them a compassionate space to see their lives and actions from a broader, all-encompassing perspective.

What happens to suicide victims in the Afterlife?A Space of Unconditional Love

Sadly, some religions and belief systems promote the myth that those who commit suicide are somehow punished in the Afterlife. This is why I feel it’s imperative to share that, first and foremost, the spiritual realm is a space of unconditional love, a sanctuary where judgment is replaced by understanding and empathy. Souls who have passed on through suicide are met with beings of light who guide them towards healing and self-forgiveness. The essence of their being is cradled with love and compassion, reminding them of their intrinsic worth, a worth that is not diminished by the circumstances of their transition.

Poor Choice

While there is absolutely no punishment in the Afterlife, there are still repercussions for one’s actions. Our lives in the physical world provide an environment for learning certain life lessons we came here for. Ending our physical lives removes the tools that were at our disposal for this path of growth, but it does not remove the lessons each soul still needs to learn. Thus, suicide is a setback, requiring additional learning and growing on the other side. Every soul I have channeled who transitioned via suicide has wished they had not taken that action.

A Journey Towards Self-Realization

In the Afterlife, souls embark on a journey of reflection and self-realization. With the guidance of loving spiritual beings, they begin to see the interconnectedness of all life and the ripple effects of their actions. This often entails an awareness of the pain and sorrow their departure has left in the lives of those who loved them. I often hear spirits convey that they thought they would be missed, but they thought their loved ones would “get over it.” They simply didn’t understand how their actions would be so devastating. While there’s no punishment in the Afterlife, understanding the pain they caused others is intense.

Learning and Growing Beyond Physical Existence

While the act of suicide often comes from a place of deep despair and isolation, the Afterlife offers a contrasting panorama where souls can expand their consciousness and grow in ways that were not possible during their physical existence. They are given the opportunity to learn vital lessons, to develop empathy and understanding, not as a punishment but as a means to evolve and to find a deeper sense of peace.

Healing and Restoration

Within the nurturing confines of the Afterlife, these souls undergo a process of healing and restoration. They are given time to mend, to reflect upon their earthly experiences, and to cultivate a deeper understanding of the intricacies of human existence. This is a time when regret transforms into a profound understanding, helping them to heal from the inside out.


The spirits I have channeled who transitioned via suicide have offered a consistent theme. They are taking responsibility for their actions. I often hear the important message they wish to convey that they knew they could have leaned on their loved ones in the physical world – they knew they could have reached out, but it was their choice not to. They consistently take responsibility for their actions, and hope their loved ones left behind will release any feelings of guilt.

The Role of Compassion and Forgiveness

As we navigate our understanding of this sensitive topic, it’s imperative that we, the living, foster a dialogue marked by compassion and forgiveness. It is not our place to judge the actions of those who found themselves caught in a maelstrom of suffering. Instead, we are called to send them love, to visualize and/or pray for their healing, and to trust in the infinite wisdom of the universe to guide them on their journey towards peace and redemption.


In the face of such profound sorrow, we find a call to deepen our compassion, to extend our love to those who could see no other way out of their pain. As we reflect on the journey of souls who have transitioned through suicide, let us remember that the Afterlife offers them a sanctuary of healing and growth, a chance to see the broader tapestry of their lives and to work towards healing and enlightenment.

Through the lens of the Afterlife, we see that death is not an end, but a transformation, a continuation of the soul’s journey towards love, understanding, and unity. Let us hold them in our hearts, trusting that they are guided and supported in the realms of Spirit, and that through love and compassion, healing is always possible.

Love & Light,
Psychic Medium Kelly Palmatier
Channeling White Light Towards a Better World

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A large group of spiritual people with suitcases arrive in Asheville, NC
I’m a Spiritual Person. Should I Move to Asheville?

I often get asked variations on this subject. Things like, “Why am I not finding my community here,” “Should I stay in Asheville or move on,” and “I’m very spiritual, and I love the vibe. Should I move to Asheville?”

Magic 8 Ball refuses to give clear answers!As with the most comprehensive and thoughtful replies, the answer begins with, “That depends…” It looks like the Magic 8 Ball is giving you a big fat “Maybe!”

For those seeking a spiritual connection, Asheville, NC, holds a magnetic allure. My husband and I moved here in 2014 with our two kids, and we love it! As a psychic medium, I understand how places can resonate with our souls, and I can tell you that Asheville has a vibe unlike any other. But should you pack your bags and call Asheville home?

I’ve taken some time to thoughtfully explore the pros and cons, and I’m also thankful to other locals on Reddit who helped contribute some feedback to the list below:

Pros of Moving to Asheville

  1. Warm and Welcoming Hospitality

Many people here greet strangers like old friends. Whether it’s hospitality workers who know their tips rely on their warmth and effervescence, or advanced spiritual workers who truly see the magnificence of your soul, it’s not unusual to feel the love when you’re here.

  1. Strength of Local Spiritual Providers

Most spiritual and holistic providers in Asheville are top-notch and greatly varied across multiple modalities. We have talented professionals for spiritual guidance, holistic healing, and of course, psychic and mediumship readings. If you’re looking for a community with a lot of spiritual, natural, and energy-based services to offer you, you’ve come to the right place.

  1. Seasonal Weather

Climate change affects the global community, of course, but the city of Asheville enjoys a bit of protection from the surrounding mountains, making our hottest days more bearable than many other locations. We also enjoy the experience of having all four seasons. Our winters, though often grey and dreary, typically will experience one or two snow events per year — just enough to enjoy the show. Then the plows come and clear it away, preventing cabin fever. The springs are beautiful, and the summers, hot but manageable. Then we have autumn… Wow! The crisp, cool air and colorful leaves are magical. Be sure to go for a scenic drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway!

  1. Spiritual Atmosphere

A wise spiritual leader would advise that you can find your spiritual path anywhere, but Asheville clearly has more variety and visible options than many other communities of its size. From the drum circle to churches, temples to mountains, you’re bound to find something here that helps you feel inspired to ascend to your highest level of spiritual growth in this incarnation.

  1. Variety of Worship Centers

All love-based faiths and belief systems are welcome here, and you’ll find we have a plethora of community- and faith-based organizations, whether denominational or nondenominational. We have Buddhist temples, Christian churches, Jewish temples, meditation centers, Catholic churches & a basilica, Humanist, Atheist, and Agnostic groups, all-faith community worship centers, and more.

  1. Focus on Education

The school system is highly rated. It’s ranked the fifth-best school district in the state of North Carolina. Asheville City Schools have a 93.5% graduation rate for the 2021-2022 school year. There is a branch of the University of North Carolina here, and the percentage of population with a bachelor’s degree or higher is above the state average.

  1. Dog-Friendly

I am a huge animal lover, and we moved here with five rescued animals: two cats and three large dogs. I love how dog-friendly Asheville is. There are several off-leash dog parks, and canines are often welcomed into retail stores and restaurants that have patios.

  1. Quirky, Liberal, and Progressive Mindset

In Asheville, you can be who you truly are, and find others who celebrate your uniqueness. Whether it’s jogging in your tutu or hula-hooping in an evening gown, Asheville embraces the quirky side of you. As long as you are loving and kind (and you’re a competent and considerate driver!), most residents won’t give your idiosyncrasies a second thought. If you see someone taking notice or snapping your photo, it’s likely because they want to brag about people who are, “Keeping Asheville Weird.”

The people I’ve encountered here are very accepting of all races, religions, lifestyles, sexual or gender orientations, etc. However, you should be aware that we don’t have a lot of racial diversity, despite the fact that most residents I know would welcome more people of color here.

Also, if you are extreme in your conservative politics, you might feel a bit out of place in this little hippie haven. Conversely, if you are extreme in your liberal politics, you might not like the vibe once you get outside of the city.

Cons of Moving to Asheville

  1. Challenging Job Market

Other than the low-paying, entry-level jobs, employment opportunities can be tight here, especially within the holistic and spiritual sectors. There are, of course, gig economy jobs, as well as plenty of jobs in retail, food service, and hospitality, but those jobs often don’t pay a living wage, requiring workers to live outside of Asheville and/or share housing with several roommates. It’s not necessarily that it’s difficult to find work, but there is a disparity between the wages and the cost of living.

It’s been said that you should BYOJ – Bring Your Own Job! And make sure that job has a steady source of income that doesn’t require local clients.

  1. Potential Competition for Holistic and Spiritual Work

If you’re a spiritual provider looking for work in this sector, be aware that many others are already offering a variety of related services. And be warned, many people moving to Asheville to pursue their dreams may dive into energetic or spiritual fields without the necessary skills or experience, muddying the waters. You might think you’re coming here to find your spiritual community, but it may take time before other providers see your value rather than perceiving you as another outsider competing with them. It may be helpful to ask yourself, “What do I bring to the community other than spirituality and good vibes?”

  1. Making Friends Outside of School Years

Some people visit Asheville, and they can feel the magical energy of this place resonating through their bones. (Read about Asheville’s Vortex here.) So, they may move here on a whim, filled with faith that the universe will provide. Yet, they may find it’s a challenge to get truly settled. This means many talented and warm-hearted people won’t stick around more than a year or two, creating a bit of a transient nature to the town, which ultimately means that making solid friendships might take a little extra effort and time.

Additionally, it can be hard to make friends if you’re past traditional school age regardless of your location, so you may need a few years to really get into the groove here.

  1. Crime

It’s no surprise that a place popular with tourists may be popular with criminals as well. You should be aware that robberies, thefts, and assaults are higher here than both the state and national averages. Within the city limits, it’s rather common for opportunists to rummage through any unlocked vehicle, so you should always lock your car and take other common-sense safety and security measures.

  1. Healthcare

In 2019, Mission Hospital, Asheville’s largest medical facility, was purchased by HCA. It was sold as a nonprofit to a for-profit company. Many people are lamenting this change, including both patients and healthcare workers. Asheville has a lack of children’s specialists as well. Additionally, it can be difficult to get appointments with both doctors and dentists, with some not even accepting new patients. This is also true of the mental health industry, where it can be hard to get in with experienced providers.

  1. Homelessness

In a post-pandemic world, homelessness has increased, and it doesn’t help that the housing market is challenging even for those with a decent budget. See Drugs and Mental Health below for other issues that affect the homeless population disproportionately.

  1. Drugs

In the US, drug use has risen sharply among people 50 or older, and fatal drug overdose rates have increased in urban, suburban, and rural areas of the country. Asheville, too, has seen a rise in drug use and increased fatal overdoses. This drug use is also a contributing factor to the increase in the unhoused population.

  1. Mental Health

Mental illness has risen in the United States, with about 20% of people in the country experiencing some form of it. Additionally, anxiety or depression is on the rise up to 40 percent and higher, according to the CDC. While these increases are not exclusive to Asheville, the options for treatment here are limited (see Healthcare above), causing untreated mental health issues to be a contributing factor to Asheville’s diminishing feeling of safety, especially in the walkable areas of downtown and historic Haywood Road in West Asheville.

  1. Housing Market Challenges

While most U.S. cities are experiencing growth and increased rents, the housing market (for both buying and renting) here may have you calling upon higher powers for assistance! Obviously, your perception will be relative to wherever you’re coming from, but be aware that housing prices within the city limits are significantly higher than the average for the state of North Carolina. They are also not in keeping with average local wages. Additionally, there is simply not a sufficient quantity of housing, making even the rental mark challenging at times.

If you’re planning on joining or starting a crystal-loving commune, you may do very well. Otherwise, plan on having patience and a solid budget to cover your housing needs.

  1. City Planning and Infrastructure

Some residents will tell you that the city puts in significant effort to attract tourists, while neglecting its mid- to low-class citizens. There is also plenty of evidence that Asheville deals with a lot of growing pains, with the population growth exceeding what the infrastructure was created for. Traffic can be bumper to bumper in certain locations and at certain times of day. Highway construction, plumbing lines being replaced, and roads being repaved are all par for the course.


Falling in love with Asheville is easy! The friendly people, delicious food, spectacular natural landscapes, fun shops, breweries and bars, quirky eclecticism, colorful murals, walkable historic districts, active music and art scenes, spiritual energy, and many magical touches all add up to this amazing place I call home.

If you’ve got a great budget, close family or friends here, and a stable job you can bring with you, it might just be the place for you.

If you don’t have all of those three components at this time, you may just enjoy a fabulous vacation here. That will also give you the chance to explore the issues I’ve presented and see how they resonate with you.

Ultimately, the answer of whether to move here may be based on what you find during your visit; and of course, you can always consider some one-on-one personal guidance from your local Asheville psychic. I hear it’s better than a magic 8 ball! 😉

Love & Light,
Psychic Medium Kelly Palmatier
Channeling White Light Towards a Better World

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The Asheville Vortex makes this a perfect place for spiritual experiences.
Unveiling the Mystical Energy: Asheville, NC’s Vortex and Spiritual Experiences

Nestled amidst the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, North Carolina is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant arts scene, and thriving spiritual community. Beyond its natural beauty, Asheville holds a unique claim to fame – it is believed to be situated on a bed of granite, creating an environment rich with mystical energy. This captivating energy has led many to perceive Asheville as a vortex, making it an ideal destination for those seeking profound spiritual experiences, including psychic and mediumship readings. In this blog post, we will explore the intriguing connection between Asheville’s granite-laden soil and its reputation as a haven for spiritual exploration.

  1. The Power of Vortexes: Vortexes are areas where the Earth’s energy is believed to be intensified, creating an environment conducive to spiritual growth, healing, and transformation. These energetic powerhouses are said to enhance psychic abilities, meditation practices, and communication with the spirit realm. Asheville’s geological composition, specifically its granite foundation, is believed to contribute to the formation of such vortexes, drawing spiritual seekers from far and wide.
  2. The Influence of Granite: Granite, a common rock formation found in the Appalachian Mountains, is revered for its energetic properties. It is regarded as a powerful conductor and amplifier of spiritual energy. As Asheville sits atop this granite bed, it is thought to enhance the already profound spiritual energy permeating the region, providing an ideal backdrop for psychic and mediumship readings.
  3. The Asheville vortex makes this a great place to seek out spiritual experiences.A Mecca for Spiritual Seekers: Asheville has long been a haven for individuals on a spiritual journey. Its vibrant spiritual community, encompassing a diverse range of practitioners, psychics, and mediums, contributes to the city’s reputation as a destination for transformative experiences. Visitors can explore an array of metaphysical shops, healing centers, and spiritual retreats, offering opportunities for psychic and mediumship readings that tap into the city’s energetic currents.
  4. Connecting with Asheville’s Vortex: Embarking on a psychic or mediumship reading while in Asheville allows visitors to tap into the city’s vortex energy and access profound insights and guidance. many local spiritual practitioners are skilled in harnessing the vortex’s energy to establish a deeper connection with the spiritual realm. Through their intuitive abilities, we can offer clarity, healing, and messages from departed loved ones.
  5. Exploring the Vortex Beyond Readings: Beyond psychic and mediumship readings, visitors to Asheville can immerse themselves in the vortex energy through various activities. Meditation and mindfulness practices in nature, such as hiking along the Blue Ridge Parkway or visiting the famous Biltmore Estate gardens, can deepen one’s connection to the spiritual essence of the region. Attending spiritual workshops, energy healing sessions, or participating in group meditations further amplify the transformative potential of Asheville’s vortex.


Whether seeking guidance, healing, or a profound spiritual experience, Asheville stands as a haven where the earthly and the ethereal seamlessly merge, providing a gateway to higher realms of consciousness. On your next visit, be sure to enjoy the breathtaking vistas on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and book a Psychic Reading or Mediumship Reading. If you’re visiting with a large group, you may also consider getting a Group Mediumship Reading to make your trip especially memorable.

Enjoy your visit!

Love & Light,
Psychic Medium Kelly Palmatier
Channeling White Light Towards a Better World

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Should Psychics Charge Money for their Services?
Should Psychics Charge Money for their Services?

As a full-time, professional psychic medium, I’ve heard the sentiment many times indicating that legitimate psychics or mediums shouldn’t charge for their services because psychic and mediumship skills are God-given gifts which should be offered for free.

It’s an interesting sentiment, and I definitely agree that psychics and mediums should care about their clients enough that their services are about more than just making a quick buck. If someone is truly in tune with Spirit, one should understand that we’re all connected. One should want to serve out of the goodness of one’s heart, rather than seeking the highest bidder.

It’s lovely to hold these lofty ideals; however, the truth is a little less clear cut.

On the one hand, there are plenty of providers who call themselves legitimate psychics or mediums, while operating full blown scams. These con artists may sound full of love and light until they start to describe some terrible problem (insert psychic jargon here, such as blocked chakras, ancestral trauma, attached dark energy, or a curse), then they try to upsell you on services to remove the alleged problem.

On the other hand, there are truly remarkable psychics and mediums out there who are struggling to make ends meet while they work a day job that doesn’t utilize their spiritual skills and barely pays a living wage.

It’s time for the public to understand that, even for natural-born psychics, it can take years to develop and hone the skills required to be a true evidential medium or psychic. It takes years of practice and experience to be really good at what we do.

I’ve been studying and practicing energetic work for well over 30 years. For decades, I did offer my services for free. That was when I was still learning and honing my craft. When I added mediumship to my list of services, I offered those readings for free for another year. After I’d reached a point where I was getting multiple exact names and other validating details, I finally switched to charging for my services; but even now, I charge a sliding scale, based on what my clients can afford and the value they feel they received.

It seems odd that I feel the need to explain why I charge for my readings when I have worked so hard to get to where I am, and I know my readings help so many people.

Why should we even doubt that a professional psychic or medium should charge money for a quality reading? Other professions that help people include doctors, physical therapists, and counselors, yet everyone understands these people should be paid. Other professions that offer spiritual guidance include priests, ministers, rabbis, and evangelists, and these professions typically include a salary. Providers in the wellness community, such as massage therapists and yoga instructors also work for pay.

At a core level, we all understand that money is a tool that’s required to cover one’s basic needs such as food and shelter. If we require legitimate, caring psychics and mediums to forgo all income, then the only providers out there will be the unethical con artists whose only motivation is money.

Psychic Medium Kelly Palmatier
Channeling White Light Towards a Better World

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Do Animals Go to Heaven?

As a very young adult living in Boston, I saw a baby bird that had fallen from its nest. Per the guidelines I was aware of at the time, I left him in place but tried hiding him under a branch for shelter. Later, I discovered he had passed, and I was devastated. This was back when I was a flight attendant, not yet a professional psychic or medium, but I already had an exceptional sense of empathy. I did some deep soul-searching and fervent praying while asking if animals go to heaven.

That night, I had a dream that was so powerful, it affects me to this day. In my dream, I felt an immense, divine energy come into my body and vibrate with extreme intensity. The energy inhabited my entire body until two words came out of me with this passionate, affirming truth: “Heaven… YES.”

After that, I read multiple books on animals and the afterlife. The sentiments conveyed by these books resonate with my belief system, and the validating stories are poignant and convincing. As someone with a great affinity for animals, including years of animal rescue work, activism, and veganism, it brings me comfort to know that animals enjoy a beautiful afterlife just like humans.

Since becoming a medium, I have had the honor of channeling many cherished companion animals. I have been able to pick up on physical descriptions of many animals, their unique personality traits, their feelings towards their human guardians, and even a few exact names. You can see a fun excerpt of one such reading in the Excerpts & Examples section of the December 2020 episode of The Channeling White Light Show.

In conclusion, I’m very happy to report that animals do, indeed, go to heaven. When it’s my time, I look forward to reuniting with Ginger and Merlin, pictured above, and many other furry, scaly, and feathered loved ones.

Psychic Medium Kelly Palmatier
Channeling White Light Towards a Better World

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