In my early years of mediumship work, a lovely couple came to my home for a mediumship reading. As I initiated the channeling session, the couple’s son immediately came through. He described how he’d died in a tragic boating accident. My heart went out to the grieving parents, and I was glad the boy had come through with validating details right from the start to let his parents know he was okay.

A moment later, I felt a mother’s energy, and I described that to my clients as well. I wasn’t sure whose mom it was at that point, just that I was getting my symbol for mother. My clients nodded in understanding.

Immediately after that, I heard a name: Mary. I relayed this to my clients, who agreed, they fully understood.

Since the boy’s mom was physically sitting in front of me, I asked the couple who the mother was. They told me it was the Blessed Mother Mary. I was floored. I’d only been a channeling medium for a few years; I certainly felt much too humble to imagine a holy icon would ever come through me!

The couple then explained how they’d once had a phone reading with a different medium who’d told them Mother Mary was with their son, and they let me know they’d actually been praying to ask Mother Mary to watch over the boy.

Once I heard these two additional validating details, I allowed myself to release my doubts as a new medium and trust what I was getting. At that point, the Blessed Mother Mary allowed me to feel the full force of her love, and the divine, spiritual bliss enveloped me with an intensity I shall never forget.

Psychic Medium Kelly Palmatier
Channeling White Light Towards a Better World

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