I’ve seen psychics on social media brag about how they, “tell it like it is,” without regard for sparing the feelings of their clients. I’ve also heard stories from people who’ve been told a marriage will end after 20 years. On a similar note, some of my clients have told me not to hold back when giving them readings, as though reassuring me they’re strong enough to take bad news.

When I decided to offer my psychic services professionally, a fundamental driving factor was my desire to help others by giving them guidance and hope to get through difficult times. I find it abhorrent when psychics burden their clients with worry over bad news predicted for years in the future.

Sure, there may be times when challenges are coming up, and it may be helpful to be prepared in some cases. However, I believe it’s unethical for a psychic to plant negative seeds that may take years to propagate.

Whenever I give psychic readings, I ask the Spirit Guides to provide only positive messages that serve highest good. That doesn’t mean I won’t see or share bad news. I don’t hide anything from my clients. It only means that bad news won’t come through unless there’s a good reason – a strong benefit, such as urging a health screening that could save a life or issuing a  warning against a risky investment that could save a fortune.

Psychic Medium Kelly Palmatier
Channeling White Light Towards a Better World

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