Sometimes people think they are being helpful when they share a little background before a reading. I appreciate the sentiment, but I actually prefer not to know anything going into a session.

For example, you may be booking a mediumship session to connect with a friend who died suddenly in an accident. You’re experiencing deep grief, and you may mention how you just need to know your friend is okay. I feel great empathy for what you’re going through, but it’s best if I don’t know even that little bit before your reading.

Imagine that your mediumship reading begins, and I tell you I’m picking up on the energy of a someone the same generation as you who died suddenly in an accident. If you’d already told me why you’d booked a reading, you may be thinking, “Great, my friend is coming through,” but that’s about it. Those details are not validating if you told me that information in advance. Now, imagine if I’d said the same thing but you hadn’t told me anything. That’s much more validating.

An evidential medium is someone who picks up on details such as a spirit’s appearance, personality, how they passed, names, dates, etc. Let the medium work to bring those details through for you.

During the reading, it’s okay to give a little bit of information. For example, let’s say I describe your great aunt’s quirky hairdo with the high volume and perfectly coiffed curls. Then it’s fine to tell me how she always wore a wig like that.

After the reading, it’s lovely if you want to share a few more details about why the information that’s come through is meaningful. Then we can bond over the shared spiritual experience.

Psychic Medium Kelly Palmatier
Channeling White Light Towards a Better World

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