I can work with you either in person in Asheville, North Carolina in my COVID-safe office, or remotely by phone, FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. I've been doing remote sessions for years, and they are just as effective as in-person sessions. After all, if the spirits can transcend space, time, and the afterlife to reach us, they certainly don't have any problem with the telephone!


During your session, I will talk to the souls of your loved ones who are deceased, and I will relay the messages I hear. As an "evidential" medium, I will try to include specific details that make sense to you, so that you will be able to validate that the messages are actually from your loved ones. The types of details that often come through are things such as your loved one's personality, physical description, hobby, or even a name.


Each mediumship reading lasts about 40 minutes, and I charge a sliding scale from $90 to $180, based on your budget and the value that you receive in the session, so you decide how much to pay. The way that works is, when you book your appointment, you'll pay the first half ($90), that's the low end of the sliding scale. This is your booking fee that holds your appointment, and it's fully refundable up to 48 hours before your appointment. When your session is complete, I'll ask you how much of the second half you'd like to pay, based on your budget and the value that you feel you received. The default is the full $90 remaining balance, but you can utilize the sliding scale simply by asking to pay any amount from zero to the full $90 second half. You may pay that balance by cash (preferred for in-person sessions) or card.

Can't afford a reading, but you're in true need of a mediumship reading? Check out my Free Readings page to register for the monthly drawing. Filled with gratitude and want others to experience the inner peace or inspiration my readings may bring? Visit the Pay It Forward page to consider help others.


A mediumship reading is a lot like a normal conversation. You will have an opportunity to ask me any questions you'd like before the channeling begins. Then, when you are ready, I will begin the session.

I’m considered a “Mental Medium,” meaning the Spirits don't inhabit my body (like a physical medium), and I don't speak in any weird voices. The most unique thing is that I sometimes look like I'm meditating, and I may move my lips at times. To begin the session, I will close my eyes and breathe deeply, as I try to raise my vibration. I audibly ask your loved ones to join us. I will listen for messages and try to sense the energy. I will relay what I hear or sense. You can answer questions as I ask you, or you may verbalize that you understand the information I’m bringing through, but please don’t go into detail about the situation during the session, as it is much more interesting and validating for you when I bring up information that I couldn't have known otherwise!

I typically start the session by asking the spirits to relay their gender, relationship to you, and how they passed. Next, I’ll try to remain open for free-form information – whatever Spirit wishes to communicate. This could be special memories, their personalities, their feelings, possible signs they may give you, etc. Sometimes, we will move from one spirit to another rather quickly. In other sessions, we may stay with one entity for all or most of the session.


I cannot guarantee who will come through; that is up to Spirit. Sometimes people come through who've been crossed over for many decades. Sometimes people come through whom you weren't close to. Most of the time, the loved one(s) you most want to connect with will come through, but not always.

Typically, after we’re about ten to 15 minutes into the reading, I’ll ask you if we’ve been speaking with the spirits you’d most hoped to reach. If we have not, we can ask that entity to come through. Remember, I cannot guarantee who will come through. I can only issue the invitation; it is up to Spirit to accept.

Please be aware that, if you are looking to connect with a particular person who has very recently crossed over, I recommend you wait six months or longer after their passing. This is for a few reasons: One is that I find that some spirits – not all, but some – are still adjusting and learning how to manipulate the energy when they are newly passed, and this can affect how easily I can connect to them.

Also, I find that sometimes, clients who are grieving very strongly aren't able to find as much peace from a reading. Even if I'm able to get lots of good "hits" that the loved one is present, when people are in the heaviest stages of grief, sometimes nothing is satisfying other than bringing the loved one back; and of course, I can only do so much! I don't mind trying to connect with a newly departed spirit (especially if you need to know where the will is – LOL!), but I don't want anyone to be disappointed if there's not a strong connection — or worse, fear that their loved one is not well and smoothly transitioned.

On a similar note, please don’t book a session if you’re angry at your loved ones. I find that the emotion of anger lowers the overall vibration of the session, making all spirit communication more difficult.


You are welcome to take photos, take notes, or record your reading (audio or video) for either remote or in-person sessions. I only ask that you please do not broadcast the recording to others without my written permission. I record all my remote sessions, but I do not offer these recordings to my clients at this time due to time and bandwidth constraints, so please plan according if you’d like a recording.


After I have shared all the information and messages that I have, I will invite you to ask any other questions of me or of your loved ones before I end the session. The entire session will last up to about 40 minutes. At the end of the session, we'll talk for a moment or two about how it felt, what the highlights were for you, etc. Then, you are invited to share as many details as you'd like regarding your loved ones and how the messages resonated with you. Most people like to add on a modest tip (cash or credit), and some people feel inspired to Pay It Forward, but that is completely up to you, your experience, and your budget.

Also, please keep in mind that, although I make every effort to provide amazing psychic and mediumship hits, the very nature of energy is that it ebbs and flows. You are paying for my time, not for any guaranteed reading outcome. If you spend time with me for a reading, that is the successful culmination of your service. No refunds. Thanks for understanding.

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