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Energetic House Clearing

Whole house smudging and energy clearing for new homes or haunted houses

Have you moved into a new house that you want to ensure has light, clear energy? Do you suspect your home may be haunted, and you’d like to sleep better at night? Are you concerned about possible poltergeist activity? Or are you experiencing extreme negative phenomena that leads you to suspect your home holds on to heavy energy from a dark past? I would be happy to assist you with an energetic cleaning/clearing and blessing ceremony.*

TRAVEL - For this service, I will begin by traveling to your home. I do not charge any travel fee if your home is in the city limits of Asheville, North Carolina. Outside of Asheville, I charge $2 per mile of distance ($1 per mile to travel there and back roundtrip) as calculated from 36 N Lexington Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801 to your home address.

TUNING IN - Next, we will begin with an interview so you can talk to me about any thoughts you may have regarding the home, and I will do an initial walk-through of the house, including tuning in to the energetic vibration and connecting to any spirit energy that may be present.

SMUDGING WITH SAGE - After that, I will burn White Sage and do a smudging of the house, which is an energetic cleansing ritual of Native American origin. I will smudge the entire home, including any walk-in basement or attic (no ladders or crawlspaces). This act will clear away old energy. It is a blessing for the past.

PALO SANTO - I will follow up in the main living area (such as the kitchen and living room) with a burning of Palo Santo, a holy wood from South America that is traditionally used in ceremonies to keep energy clear and grounded. This is a blessing for the present.

SWEETGRASS - Next, I will burn some Sweetgrass, a Native American tradition, in the main living area (such as the kitchen and living room) to bring in Angels and attract positive energy. This is a blessing for the future.

CHANNELING WHITE LIGHT - Last, I will spend a few minutes actively channeling white light around you, each resident of your home, and the entire house and property so that you are all bathed in divine energy.

COST - This service will take around one hour, and the cost is $120, not including travel fees for outside of Asheville. (If the house is quite large, such as over 2,000 square feet, please consider adding a bit more.) Cash only, please.

FOR DEMONS, PORTALS, OR SEVERE CASES - Please note, if you are experiencing very negative phenomena, or you believe there may demonic energy associated with the house, the service requires an additional off-site meeting before the cleansing. We will meet for tea or coffee at a location close to your home (added to the mileage for out of town clients), where you can share any story or relevant details about what you have been experiencing. Depending on the circumstances, I may do a smudging of an individual at that point, before proceeding to the home for the house clearing. This service requires an additional $60 for an extra half hour of work, so your total (excluding travel) will be $180. I am also available to add on more time as you feel necessary. The rate is $2 per minute after the first hour and a half.

*When dealing with potential negative energy fields and phenomena, I ask my Angels and Spirit Guides for divine guidance that will lead to the best possible outcome for the good of all concerned. If I do not feel that my services will result in highest good, I reserve the right to decline service. Thank you for understanding.


To book a session for your energetic home cleansing, please call me at (828) 435-3700.