Feel free to ask any questions about my psychic services.

What are your COVID-19 pandemic safety measures?

I have two options for COVID-safe readings.

I RECOMMEND THE FIRST AND SAFEST OPTION: Get a remote reading. I've been doing remote sessions for years, and they are just as effective as in-person sessions. After all, if a spirit can transcend space, time, and the afterlife to reach us, it’s obvious they shouldn’t have any problem with a phone line! I offer remote sessions by regular phone call or video conferencing (even better!) by Zoom (preferred), FaceTime, or Skype. DO YOU WONDER ABOUT THE EFFECTIVENESS OF REMOTE SESSIONS? Please enjoy watching these excerpts of my remote readings on my YouTube Channel: YouTube.com/ChannelingWhiteLight

The second option is to come to my reading room in West Asheville on select days (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY). The readings take place in a special room at the back of Instant Karma West, a cool hippie shop located in the heart of historic West Asheville at 725 Haywood Road (not downtown).

In my reading room, I have ultra-high capacity HEPA air filtration that removes particulates as small as 0.3 microns. It also uses UV-C ultra-violet light to kill viruses.

I have six-foot table in my office to guarantee we have six feet between us, along with a large plexiglass square hanging above it. For your protection, be aware that the table is not easily disinfected. Hand sanitizer is available for your convenience if desired.

Masks are no longer required if you are fully vaccindated. I am fully vaccinated, but I am willing to wear a mask if it makes you more comfortable. Just let me know if that is your preference.

Please note, although I am making every effort to follow best practices for COVID safety, there is an inherent risk involved any time you go into a public space. If you don't choose to accept the risk, please book a remote reading instead of an in-person session. Thanks!

Thanks for your cooperation in ensuring your experience is safe and enjoyable!

Are phone sessions as effective as in-person sessions?

Yes, they are! I've been doing remote sessions for years, and they are just as effective as in-person sessions. After all, if a spirit can transcend space, time, and the afterlife to reach us, they don't have any problems with the telephone! I offer remote sessions by phone, FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. DO YOU WONDER ABOUT THE EFFECTIVENESS OF REMOTE SESSIONS? Please enjoy watching these excerpts of my remote readings on my YouTube Channel: YouTube.com/ChannelingWhiteLight

What is a channeling session/mediumship reading like?

We’ll sit down together and have a conversation. I’ll close my eyes a bit as I listen for messages, and I’ll periodically tell you what I pick up on. I may jot down impressions in my notebook. I don’t go into any trance or speak in any weird voices. I try pick up on things like names, personalities, and other details that are validating for you.

Usually, I’ll start just by listening to the energy that’s coming through and telling you what I sense. Towards the end of the session, I’ll ask if you have any questions either for your loved ones or for me. When the session is complete, you can pay the balance or tip.

What is a psychic reading like?

It is very relaxed and casual. I will use the Tarot cards to pick up on specific situations or attributes to discuss, and I will also tune in to the energy and/or inquire with your Spirit Guides for any other information we should know. When I tune in to the energy or talk to your Spirit Guides, it is a lot like meditating for me. I will close my eyes and breathe deeply while I listen for what comes through. More details are on my Psychic Readings page.

Where do your sessions take place?

Remote readings take place by phone, FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. In-person sessions (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY) are available at my reading room in the back of Instant Karma West, a cool hippie shop located in the heart of historic West Asheville at 725 Haywood Road (not downtown).

What are your rates?

My psychic reading and channeling services/mediumship readings are offered at a sliding scale rate of $40 to $140. The first $40 is your booking fee (refundable if you cancel or reschedule up to 48 hours before your session). The balance and tip are due at the time of the session, either by cash (preferred for in-person sessions) or by credit card.

What do most people contribute?

Most people offer between $100 and $150, but please don’t let these amounts deter you if you are in need of a reading to help bring you peace. The money helps pay my bills, but helping others is what truly sustains me; that's the whole reason I offer a sliding scale.

How long does a session last?

Most psychic readings and mediumship readings last around 40 minutes. If you have more questions or fewer questions, it may last a few minutes more or less. Some services take longer, such as Psychic Business Consultations and Psychic Development Mentorship. The length of those services are specified on the page about that service and/or on the page where you book those appointments.

Do you accept checks or credit cards?

I accept all major credit cards. Cash is only accepted for in-person sessions. I prefer not to accept checks.

Why do you charge more for a gift session?

You can purchase a gift certificate, where people can book the actual appointment themselves, or you can book a gift appointment for someone, if you know they will want a specific date and time. I charge full price for these because it's awkward to ask a gift recipient to pay the balance at the end of a reading. Even if you're with them for the reading, it's awkward to have you pay the balance after their gift experience, especially if you have to judge the value they received on their behalf as you would for a regular sliding scale appointment.

Why do you charge full price for a combo?

The reason I charge a sliding scale is so I can help more people who are truly in need of the peace or encouragement they would receive from a reading but might not otherwise be able to afford a session. It feels like booking a combo, which is essentially two sessions back-to-back, is taking advantage of the sliding scale. If someone is truly in need, I suggest they start with one session at the sliding scale rate. They can always book another session at the sliding scale rate for another date.

Do you research your clients ahead of time?

No, I never research my clients, and I recommend you stay clear of any psychic who does. I consider any research at all, whether by Google, Facebook, Twitter, or any other methods of research, to be considered outright fraud. I also ask that you please don't tell me anything about yourself or your situation before your reading. I prefer not to know anything at all going into a reading.

But why do you require a name, email address, phone number, and credit card in order to book an appointment?

I require a name so I'll know what to call you. The email address is for your booking confirmation email and receipt, and so you have a link to click on if you need to reschedule your appointment. The phone number is so I can reach you in case something comes up. The credit card is to pay for your service or your booking fee. If you are concerned that I will use this information to research you, feel free to get a friend's permission to use their information to book with (or have them purchase a "gift" reading for you).

But you specify that your readings are not-transferable. How can a use a friend's contact info to book?

What I don't want is for someone to book an appointment for a friend as a gift and only pay the low end of the sliding scale. This makes it awkward for the gift recipient to be responsible for the balance at the end of the reading. If you wish to give a gift reading, please purchase a gift certificate or book a "gift" reading. As for masking your identity, I don't mind if you use fake contact info, as long as I can reach you if there are any scheduling issues.

Do I need to prepare?

Yes, please treat your appointment with a little reverence. Plan to arrive or be prepared early so you're not rushed or feeling frazzled for your session. If you're getting a remote session, be sure to be in a quiet, private location without kids, pets, or other distractions. Your energy affects the reading, so these procedures will help make your reading a good one. Try to have a relaxed energy with an open mind. It's always nice to talk to your loved ones ahead of time to ask them to come through if possible.

Do I need to bring anything?

It's up to you if you'd like to bring something to take notes or record on. You may also like to bring a few questions you'd like to ask.

Who should NOT get a mediumpship session?

If you are angry with your loved ones in spirit, please do not book a session. It's much harder to connect with spirits when you are holding on to anger. For example, don't book a session to ask a spouse about whether they cheated on you or a parent why they abandoned or abused you.

Also, I recommend waiting at least six months after a loved one has passed. Sometimes -- though not always -- the spirit is still adjusting to how to manipulate the energy from the other side, and sometimes people who are in the heaviest stages of grief may find it more difficult to appreciate the sense of peace and closure that can come from a mediumship reading. Nevertheless, if you have a strong need to come sooner, that's fine.

Can I bring someone else with me?

Yes, you can have up to two additional adults with you if desired. You don't need to run it by me ahead of time. Keep in mind that personal information can sometimes come up in a reading. Also, if it is a mediumship reading, there is the possibility that someone from another person's circle of loved ones may come through. I cannot guarantee who will come through; that is up to Spirit.

How did you get started and how long have you been doing psychic readings?

I've been involved in psychic activities since I was a child. In 1986-87, I studied parapsychology at the University of Kent at Canterbury in England. At that time, I became close friends with a psychic mentor who taught me how to do Tarot readings.

How did you get started and how long have you been channeling?

I’ve been involved in various psychic activities off and on for most of my life. However, it was just in May 2017 that I started channeling.

I was sitting at a waterfall getting in touch with nature and spirit, spending time in prayer, and talking to my loved ones who’ve passed on.

“You know I want to make a difference in the world,” I said. “If there’s something I can do to help others that I’m not already doing, please give me a sign.” Immediately, the thought popped into my mind that I should learn to channel loved ones who’ve crossed over, so that I can bring peace to others.

Intrigued, I agreed that I would. I asked what I should do in order to learn. The answer that came to me was to read books, visit other psychics, and spend time in meditation. I started right away, and by the end of the month, I was channeling.

How accurate are your readings?

Each reading can vary, depending on the energy of the loved one we’re connecting with. Other factors can also play a role, such as how receptive you are to the information that’s coming through. If it’s within the first six months after a loved one has passed, sometimes the intensity of the grief can get in the way of obtaining peaceful closure. Similarly, if you’re angry with the deceased, or otherwise distraught, it can make the session more challenging.

In general, I find that the information that comes through seems to be about 80-90% accurate. Of course, I’ll leave it to you to let me know what your perception is after your session is complete.

Should I tell you when you’re right or wrong?

As I channel, one of my tasks is to clear my mind so that I can hear what’s coming from spirit and ignore any chatter from my own brain. Sometimes, pieces of info will come through that I haven’t interpreted correctly, and sometimes, I may accidentally let through information that is from my own brain’s chatter. If/when pieces of info come through that don’t resonate with you, I ask that you simply let it go. As is often the case, it might make sense to you later, or it might just not be correct or relevant. Unless I ask you a question, I’d rather you remain silent instead of voicing a negative response, as that helps keep the energy flowing. When something comes through that is accurate, it is helpful if you can simply say that you understand. Please don’t volunteer a lot of details or information about your family unless or until I ask you.

Do you get names?

The stronger I get as a medium, the more names I get. Lately, I’ve been getting names during about 50% of the sessions.

May I record the session?

Yes, it is fine if you’d like to take notes or record the session. I ask that you do not broadcast it to others without my written permission.

Can you send me your recording?

No, I am not currently offering that as a service as it takes time to prepare and send a recording after a session, and I am already offering my services at a sliding scale. If you want a recording, feel free to ask for a Skype reading and remind me to record it. Skype will make the recording available to both of us for up to 30 days.

How soon after a loved one's passing can I have a session?

I recommend you wait at least six months, as your session will typically bring more peace if you're not in the heaviest stages of grief. However, that waiting period is not required.

How often can I get a session?

For psychic readings, I recommend you wait at least a week between sessions (a month is better), or wait until something has changed in your circumstances. For channeling sessions, please wait at least six months between sessions.

Other Questions?

If you have any other questions, feel free to Contact me. If you are ready to book now, please Schedule an Appointment. Thanks!