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Channeling or Psychic Reading Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate for Psychic Medium / Spirit Communication / Channeling Loved Ones

Do you know someone who is at a cross roads in life and could use some guidance? How about someone who is greiving and needs peace? Would you like to give someething special for Mother's Day, Father's Day, the recipient's birthday, or the birthday of the deceased?

Psychic readings can be a fun treat and a way to gain clarity into one's situation. Give that treat to a friend or loved one for any special occasion.

Channeling sessions can be like a joyous reunion with loved ones. Give the gift of reconnecting with loved ones who have crossed over by giving a channeling gift certificate.

Channeling White Light gift certificates cost only $80, and they are good for a full year. Readings or channeling sessions can be either in person, by telephone, or though Skype or Facetime from anywhere in the world.

Simply click button below to submit your $80 payment through PayPal, and specify in the comments if it's for a psychic reading or a channeling session. I will email you a gift certificate within 24 hours, which may be forwarded via email to the recipient or may be printed. (Make sure the email address used for your PayPal payment is the correct email address, or contact me if it should be emailed someplace else.) Of course, if you have any questions at all, just contact me. Thanks!


                    Click here to pay $80 for your channeling gift certificate.