In a group mediumship reading, I begin with a little speech about what to expect, then I open up the session for spirit communication. I will tell the group what I am perceiving, and audience members will participate by responding when I bring up validating information that pertains to them. Each session lasts about an hour and a half (although we can shorten that if you require). Keep in mind that not everyone is guaranteed a reading, as I cannot guarantee who will come through; that is up to Spirit. Also, please be aware this is not a group psychic reading. I am not offering psychic parties at this time.

Only $560

For private readings – either remotely or in my office, you can have up to two additional adults present, making a total of three people, for no additional charge.

For groups of four or more, please book a group reading, which can be done on location or via Zoom. I charge $560 for a group event for up to 20 attendees. If you have more than 20 attendees, please add $20 per additional person.

Watch a demo reel of group mediumship readings by Asheville Psychic Medium Kelly Palmatier

I am fully vaccinated, so I am fine with coming to your location in Asheville, NC, and I don’t require a travel fee if your location is inside the city limits. If your address is outside the Asheville city limits, I charge $3 per mile of distance from my office – 725 Haywood Road, Asheville, NC 28806. I can also do Zoom events for up to 100 people for no additional travel charge.

As for setting up the space, it’s ideal if there’s a space I where all the group members can sit on one side of the room and face me while I stand in front of them. This layout is also ideal if you’d like to record the session to share the video with your attendees later. If that layout doesn’t work for your space, don’t worry -- we’ll figure it out.

If you would like a daytime appointment, and your session will be either by Zoom or in Asheville, you can book your session on my website’s booking page. Otherwise, please contact me to book your group session so we can arrange the exact time and calculate the exact price.

Please note, this service is not refundable/cancellable.

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