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Psychic Detective Services

I will donate my time to law enforcement or immediate family members seeking answers to missing persons or murder cases.

MURDERS & MISSING PERSONS - Famiy members have asked me about their loved ones' murder cases in the past, as well as cases of loved ones who died under mysterious circumstances. Thankfully, I have been able to get clear communication from the deceased and have been able to get answers to important questions. Specifically, I have been able to get answers to the following questions with certainty for a variety of clients:

  • Was the loved one's death completely natural, or was there foul play involved?
  • Was the loved one's death a murder made to look like a tragic accident?
  • Was the tragic accident caused by someone other than the deceased?
  • Was the shooting gang-related or personal?
  • Was the homicide pre-meditated or accidental?
  • Did the victim know the murderer?
  • What is the actual name of the murderer (not just an initial)?

COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY - Of course, for legal and ethical reasons, I am not able or willing to reveal details about the above cases or the clients, and I guarantee complete privacy and confidentiality for you as well, regardless of whether you're in law enforcement or you're family of a victim.

COMPLEMENTING, NOT REPLACING, POLICE WORK - Keep in mind that details garnered from psychic investigation services are not admissable in a court of law, so any information I present will need to be confirmed by old-fashioned police work, of course. This is as it should be, because unfortunately, even some famous ("reputable") psychics have gotten in wrong at times. Also, there have been psychics who seek these types of cases for personal gain or publicity, using investigators' valuable time and resources.

ETHICAL AND HONEST - Because of the nature of energy work, no psychic can guarantee tangible, valid information will come through for every case. I understand the ramifications of being a psychic informant, and I take it very seriously. I pledge to be 100% honest regarding the strength of the connection I am receiving and the strength of each piece of information I perceive.

I WAIT TO BE APPROACHED - I do not approach law enforcement with "tips" I perceive. Instead, I wait until detectives or family members come to me directly. For active investigations or cold cases of murder or missing persons, I will donate my time to law enforcement or to immediate family members only. (If you are a friend, colleague, or distant relative, feel free to book at my regular rate or direct an immediate family member to contact me.)


Do you have any other questions about this service, or are you a detective or immediate family member of a murder victim or missing person? If so, just contact me.