Most people love to get psychic reading anytime they’re at a crossroads in life, whenever they’re seeking insight or guidance, or just when they want to pamper themselves. I have some clients who love to get readings on their birthdays once a year, while others may prefer to come every month or so for general insight and to give them an edge in their careers or relationships.

When I do psychic readings, I use both the Tarot cards and tuning in directly to the energy to offer insight and inspiration that serves highest good. I use the Angel Deck by Radleigh Valentine. Most people leave my readings feeling a sense of inner peace or inspiration.


I have an entire playlist of excerpts of my psychic and mediumship readings here. Please also subscribe to my YouTube channel to see other videos, including The Channeling White Light Show.


Each psychic reading lasts about 40 minutes, and I charge a sliding scale from $80 to $160, based on your budget and the value that you receive in the session, so you decide how much to pay. The way that works is, when you book your appointment, you'll pay the first half ($80), the low end of the sliding scale. That's your booking fee that holds your appointment, and it's fully refundable up to 48 hours before your appointment. When your session is complete, I'll ask you how much of the second half you'd like to pay, based on your budget and the value that you feel you received. The default is the full second half, but you can utilize the sliding scale simply by asking to pay any amount from zero to the full $80 remaining balance. You may pay that balance by cash (preferred for in-person sessions) or card.


Readings take place by Zoom, FaceTime, telephone or in person in Asheville, North Carolina. If you are booking a local, in-person session, that will be in my COVID-safe reading room in the heart of historic West Asheville, in the back of a cool little hippie shop, Instant Karma West, at 725 Haywood Road (NOT downtown). The office is accessible, but please specify when you book your appointment if you are in a wheelchair, so I can make an adjustment to the furniture placement for you prior to your arrival. In order to be C0VID-safe, the reading room includes a six-foot table between my clients and me, a large plexiglass shield above the table, and a HEPA air filtration system with virus-killing UV light.


It's a very relaxed no-pressure environment, so there's no need to be nervous, even if you've never had a reading before. We'll sit down together and chat, and I'll invite you to ask any questions you'd like about the process before we begin.

At the beginning of your session, I start by going through and touching each card of the Tarot deck individually. I do this for a few reasons – one, it’s an easy way to psychically clear the deck of any energy residue leftover from the previous reading, and two, it gives me the chance to pull out the four court cards from the deck (queens or kings), so I can have you choose which card will represent you in the reading. (If you would prefer a gender-neutral option, just let me know. I can have you chose from the eight court cards including both queens and kings.) You don’t need to know anything about the cards before choosing, as I’ll place them face down in a row first, then I’ll ask which card number you’d like to select.

While I’m going through the deck one card at a time, I’ll also take that opportunity to surround us in a bubble of white light. I do that for added strength and protection. I ask our guides for only positive messages that serve highest good, so if anything comes up that feels like it’s not representing something positive in your life, it’s just because knowledge of the situation can be beneficial to you, or in most cases, it’s something you’re already familiar with anyway. I don’t hide things from people. If there’s some challenge coming up for you, but there’s absolutely no benefit in your knowing about it, I ask our guides to not even show it to me.

I like people to know that a lot of what comes up can be changed. Some things are easier to change than others, of course. Sometimes just knowledge of a situation can affect how you react to something, and that alone change affect the ultimate outcome.

Also, the Tarot cards will generally reflect the path that you’re on at the moment, so that may include the past or it may include the future, but generally it will be just a few months in either direction. If I’m picking up on something further into the past or further into the future, I’m typically pulling that from the energy, not so much from the Tarot cards.

After you’ve selected the queen or king to represent you in the reading, then I’ll shuffle the deck on your behalf. While I’m shuffling, I’d like you to please be thinking about whatever’s going on in your life and whatever’s concerning you at the moment. If you have questions, think about those as well. We’ll have a few moments of silence while we do this.

After I’ve shuffled the deck, the next thing I’ll do is close my eyes, breathe deeply, and tune into the energy. While I’m tuning into the energy, I’d like you to please continue thinking about your situation for just another few moments of silence.

Next, I’ll talk to you about what I’m picking up from the energy. This may be about the characteristics I’m picking up from you, the trends I’m feeling for you in your life, or it could even include little tidbits of information related to you, your surroundings, or your situation.

After that, I’ll lay out the Tarot cards. I’ll tell you the meaning of each card and the meaning of each position that the card is in, in the way I interpret it. I’ll guide you through a basic interpretation of what I’m seeing.

Once I’ve completed reading the Tarot cards, then I’ll invite you to share with me as much as you’d like about what’s going on in your life. Then, I can tune in more deeply to the energy around any particular situation, and I can also answer questions, including sometimes, very specific questions.

The entire session will last up to about 40 minutes. At the end of the session, we'll talk for a moment or two about how it felt, what the highlights were for you, etc. Most people like to add on a modest tip (cash or credit), but that is completely up to you, your experience, and your budget.

Also, please keep in mind that, although I make every effort to provide amazing psychic and mediumship hits, the very nature of energy is that it ebbs and flows. You are paying for my time, not for any guaranteed reading outcome. If you spend time with me for a reading, that is the successful culmination of your service. No refunds. Thanks for understanding.


You are welcome to take photos, take notes, or record your reading (audio or video) for either remote or in-person sessions. I only ask that you please do not broadcast the recording to others without my written permission. I record all my remote sessions, but I do not offer these recordings to my clients at this time due to time and bandwidth constraints, so please plan according if you’d like a recording.

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