Public Speaking

Public Speaker Psychic Medium Kelly Palmatier

Are you looking for an interesting speaker? Psychic Medium Kelly Palmatier has extensive experience speaking and performing in front of a live audience. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama, so performing comes naturally to her. She has given many speeches; acted in theatre, videos, and in commercials; been interviewed numerous times on television; performed music in front of a live audience of 200 every week for six months; and has done live demonstrations of psychic work and mediumship work. Rates are flexible, as she is currently developing a portfolio of relevant and recent examples of her public speaking.

Below is a list of possible topics on which she can speak:

  • The Basics of Psychic Mediumship
  • Live Mediumship Demonsration (View Sample)
  • Live Psychic Demonsration
  • Developing your own Psychic Skills
  • Building your Psychic Business
  • Finding Joy through Partnering with Spirit in Altruism
  • Connecting with Spirit and Channeling White Light towards a Better World

While she does not require the ability to incorporate a slideshow into her presentations, she is well-versed in creating coordinating visuals that add to the overall experience.

Please contact her with any comments or questions.