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“So incredible! We were able to connect with my mother, grandmother, daughter, and my father in law all in one session. I would recommend Kelly to channel for anyone. It's real, it was emotional, and Kelly is awesome at what she does. As someone who wanted to connect for 10 years I'm aw struckin. What a great experience. Thank you so much Kelly.”

- Sharon R. (Source: Facebook Reviews on

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“This was a great experience!! My dad who passed 30+ years ago was able to tell me several important messages which were very soothing to my soul! Confirmation of what I've always known, that he is never far! Kelly is gentle and kind and there is nothing odd or scary about the experience! As a first timer I felt safe and at ease and after a few tears I felt great peace and joy to have had the blessing of this sweet time with my beloved dad!”

- Trish H.B. (Source: Facebook Reviews on

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“I was very impressed with Kelly's abilities. She was able to not only channel loved ones WITH NAMES, but even pets who had passed over. Her rates are most reasonable as well. Highly recommend a reading with Kelly, BEFORE she gets too booked to see you!”

- Rose-Marie G.V. (Source: Facebook Reviews on

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“I really enjoyed my session with Kelley. She definitely blew me away a few times. She helped me to connect with my father and even my German shepherd I lost recently. I was so comfortable in her home and felt like I had known her for years.”

- Kimberly H. (Source: Facebook Reviews on

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“This was my first experience with a medium. Kelly was very nice, easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable. I believe Kelly was able to connect with my Mema and I was glad to hear the information she shared with me. The overall experience was great!”

- Meredith T. (Source: Facebook Reviews on

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“Amazing! Thank you for helping me get in touch with my Mom. My first time ever doing this, and you were fantastic. As was Bandit! Many blessings to you!”

- Angie G. (Source: Facebook Reviews on

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“Kelly is awesome!! I felt comfortable with her the moment I arrived. The atmosphere was very inviting and calming, one in which I felt safe. The information provided to me and my best friend was on point and extremely reassuring, and we were both pleased with her services. We have plans on meeting for another session in the future and I also have a few people in mind that will recommend to her. Thanks so much Kelly, you have no idea how much your gifts mean to others. See ya soon!!”

- Tayika A. (Source: Facebook Reviews on

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“I had such an Amazing night last night. Kelly has a BEAUTIFUL gift! She was able to bring me closure, that I needed. I slept better than I ever had last night and I think it was because I know now that my mom and dad are at peace. Thank you soo....much!!”

- Susan W. (Source: Facebook Reviews on

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“I instantly felt comfortable in Kelly's home. I usually do not seek out these types of services but she had a sense of humor and a down to earth feel, so I felt relaxed. She gave me very relevant information from my passed loved ones. Some very specific and some I needed to make sense out of, but got the message that was trying to come through. Her descriptions of my loved ones personalities were dead on (pun intended) and I felt she was very genuine in her intentions. Highly recommended.”

- Alysha H. (Source: Facebook Reviews on

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“We had a great session with Kelly! Her home was very calm and inviting. She was spot on with my family members. She even called one by name which shocked me! I will definitely return in the future for another session! Thank you kelly for helping us connect with our loved ones! I have recommended a few people to schedule sessions with you!!”

- Miranda L. (Source: Facebook Reviews on