Psychic Medium Kelly Palmatier is not a doctor or lawyer and is not attempting to provide any licensed, professional advice. Although these services are offered with the intention of providing beneficial guidance, you understand that any service performed by Channeling White Light or Psychic Medium Kelly Palmatier is for entertainment purposes only.


Although I make every effort to provide amazing psychic and mediumship hits, the very nature of energy is that it ebbs and flows. You are paying for my time, not for any guaranteed reading outcome. If you spent time with me for a reading, that is the successful culmination of your service. No refunds. However, my aim is that every client be delighted with my services. If you are not thrilled with your reading, please speak up at the time of the reading to utilize my sliding scale pricing for a reduced rate.


Individual psychic and mediumship readings are able to be rescheduled or refunded to 48 hours before your appointment. During that time frame, you can click on the link in your booking confirmation email to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you cancel 48 hours or more in advance, your payment will be refunded, typically within one business day. If you cancel less than 48 hours before your appointment (or if you fail to show up), you forfeit your appointment and your payment.

Other services, such as a Combo, require payment in full up front and are NOT refundable, but may be rescheduled up to 48 hours in advance. If you cannot make your appointment time and fail to reschedule 48 hours or more in advance, you forfeit your entire service fee.

Group readings are not refundable and often may not be able to be rescheduled. Contact me if you need to reschedule a group reading, and if I'm able to accommodate your change, I will, but it is not guaranteed.


I am fully vaccinated, yet I am also following the mask guidelines required by the government and/or recommended by the CDC. If you are booked for an in-person session, please comply with the latest masking guidelines. Thanks for helping make your session a safe and enjoyable one!


The six-foot table in my office guarantees we have six feet between us. However, please note, the table is not easily disinfected, so please keep that risk in mind if you are inclined to touch the table. (Hand sanitizer is provided for your convenience if desired.)


My office space is all one level, without any steps. If you require a certain width for wheelchair or other accessibility, please let me know in advance what your width requirement is. With advance notice, I can fold down half of the six-foot table to provide more width if necessary.


When it is time for your appointment, I (or the service provider you selected) will come out of the back room and into the back of the Instant Karma West shop and call your name to get you. Please arrive early before the start of your session. (You may enjoy browsing the shop!)


If you are ten or more minutes late, I will not be able to accommodate you, and you will forfeit your payment. Thanks for understanding.


Sessions are recorded to allow for the publishing of (non-identifying) excerpts on the Channeling White Light YouTube channel for those clients who give their permission.

It is fine if you wish to take notes or record the session yourself, either by voice recording or video. (Zoom now allows you to record in addition to me.) Please do not broadcast the session (live or as a recording) without written permission.

If, at any point up to 48 hours after your reading, you'd like me to send a copy of my recording, I'm happy to do so. I do charge $45 for this. Send me an email with the request and pay the $45 fee here.


I allow up to two additional adults to attend your psychic or mediumship reading for no additional cost, regardless of whether your session is in-person or remote. If you have more than two additional attendees, an alternative is to book a group reading. Services offered by other trusted providers (such as Life Coaching by Erica Leib) may have different policies regarding number of attendees. Contact us to check with your provider if you booked with anyone other than Psychic Medium Kelly Palmatier.


The personal content of your reading is confidential. Sensitive or identifying information will not be shared with others unless required by law or if action is warranted to protect someone.


Gift certificates are good for one year from the date of purchase. Packages of pre-paid services (such as Psychic Development Mentorship or Life Coaching) may be redeemed up to six months from the date of purchase.


While certain services, such as the content of psychic predictions or mediumship connections, are never a sure thing, Channeling White Light guarantees professionalism and compassion at every turn. If you ever receive any service you feel is less than a five-star experience, please let us know immediately so we can ensure we take appropriate actions to always exemplify top-quality service.


My terms of service are subject to change, so please review them every time you book an appointment.

Thanks for reading and agreeing to my terms of service. If you have any questions or comments, just let me know. Thanks!

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