The Channeling White Light Show

The Channeling White Light Show is a funny, fast-paced variety show about making a difference. It’s filled with supernatural goodness, featuring Kelly Palmatier, a compassionate, inspirational, and goofy psychic medium. Watch as she channels white light towards a better world through her client readings and inspirational messages. This episode features an interview with Eric Bradford of Asheville Greenworks, along with other segments such as Spiritual News & Commentary, Psychic Storytime, Divine Development, Q & A, and Excerpts of Kelly’s psychic & mediumship readings.

The first episode, shown above, launched on the full moon September 2, 2020. Please check it out, like it, comment on it, and subscribe to the channel, and remember to click the bell for notifications of future episodes! Thanks!

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I am seeking cool, uplifting stories about supernatural goodness to share in the Psychic Storytime segment of The Channeling White Light Show. Do you have an awesome true, first-hand story about psychic energy, mediums, ghosts, spirits, angels, or miracles? Would you be willing to tell your story on camera for a YouTube show? Read details about how to submit the ideal story.

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