Here’s How I Can Assist

One Initial Free Video Consultation: Simply provide me with a photo of the victim and the classification of the case (homicide or missing person), and I can provide a video of my initial psychic impressions. I prefer to do this without any further details from your end to ensure my impressions remain unbiased. After my reading, I will send the video back to the law enforcement team for review.

One Free Follow-up Zoom Call: After the law enforcement team has reviewed the video of my psychic impressions and confirmed I’ve presented some validating details, it will likely make sense to schedule a complimentary video call to follow up. This will allow the law enforcement team to ask any questions, as I often pick up on different information when questions direct my attention to specific areas where I can tune in. You are welcome to ask absolutely anything, and I will see what information comes through. I cannot guarantee I’ll get answers, but I am willing to try. Also, I will always be transparent regarding the strength of the information I’m receiving. The very best psychics and mediums are typically 80 to 90% accurate, so I’ll let you know if an impression feels more subtle (uncertain) or strong (more likely to be correct). It’s okay to ask a “test” question or two, where you already know the answer and want to gauge the accuracy of my answers, but please limit the rest of the questions to information that may actually help the case. My volunteer work is about helping out, not proving myself. Thanks for understanding!

Optional Further Involvement: If my insights prove valuable and further collaboration is desired, I offer my continued psychic detective services at $300 per hour or $1,200 for a full day, (plus expenses if travel is involved).


Note: My psychic detective services are exclusively for law enforcement on criminal cases of murder or missing persons. I cannot provide assistance of this nature directly to families. (Families may consider my mediumship or other services for emotional healing and closure.)


While my intuitive insights are unique and unconventional, it can be helpful for officers/detectives to get a different viewpoint, to consider a different perspective. Here are some exact quotes from law enforcement regarding my previous psychic detective work:

     👮‍♂️ "Now that we have watched your video, we believe that you are legitimate."

     👮‍♀️ "Very impressed with how close you were."

     👮‍♂️ "My team and I have reviewed your video and we believe you touched on some very solid areas. Definitely close enough that we are intrigued. We would love to schedule a Zoom call and see where else we can go."

     👮‍♀️ "Thank you so very much. I am very impressed with your gift."

     👮‍♂️ “I will definitely refer you to all of my colleagues.”

     👮‍♀️ "Having worked in the world of “intelligence” where the veracity of sources is estimated in percentages, I would place her authenticity at 85-90%."

     👮‍♂️ “I am duly impressed with her gift of intuition and her methodology in interpreting her vision.”


I am very dedicated to professionalism, ethics, and confidentiality. I will not share any details regarding the case, which detectives or officers I’m working with, or even what districts or municipalities I’ve worked for without permission.

(If you require validation from another detective before getting started, please send me your contact details. I will get them to a previous detective I've worked with to contact you directly with a recommendation.)


It's essential to understand that psychics do not solve cases on their own. The real heroes are the investigators who spend countless hours to piece together the puzzle. However, evidential psychics and mediums can offer a different perspective, shining a light on certain clues or directions to look that might not have been immediately evident.


If you believe that a fresh, intuitive perspective might benefit an ongoing investigation, please don't hesitate to contact me. Let's work together to bring justice and closure.

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