In the infinite tapestry of life, it is a poignant truth that some souls traverse a path marked by overwhelming pain and anguish, a path that sometimes culminates in the heartbreaking act of suicide. As we endeavor to extend our understanding and compassion towards these souls, we must first acknowledge the depth of suffering that leads one to view death as a refuge.

As an evidential psychic medium who has channeled thousands of souls who transitioned via suicide, I’m thankful to have gained some understanding of the transformational journey that awaits these souls in the Afterlife. It is a journey of healing, learning, and growth, offering them a compassionate space to see their lives and actions from a broader, all-encompassing perspective.

What happens to suicide victims in the Afterlife?A Space of Unconditional Love

Sadly, some religions and belief systems promote the myth that those who commit suicide are somehow punished in the Afterlife. This is why I feel it’s imperative to share that, first and foremost, the spiritual realm is a space of unconditional love, a sanctuary where judgment is replaced by understanding and empathy. Souls who have passed on through suicide are met with beings of light who guide them towards healing and self-forgiveness. The essence of their being is cradled with love and compassion, reminding them of their intrinsic worth, a worth that is not diminished by the circumstances of their transition.

Poor Choice

While there is absolutely no punishment in the Afterlife, there are still repercussions for one’s actions. Our lives in the physical world provide an environment for learning certain life lessons we came here for. Ending our physical lives removes the tools that were at our disposal for this path of growth, but it does not remove the lessons each soul still needs to learn. Thus, suicide is a setback, requiring additional learning and growing on the other side. Every soul I have channeled who transitioned via suicide has wished they had not taken that action.

A Journey Towards Self-Realization

In the Afterlife, souls embark on a journey of reflection and self-realization. With the guidance of loving spiritual beings, they begin to see the interconnectedness of all life and the ripple effects of their actions. This often entails an awareness of the pain and sorrow their departure has left in the lives of those who loved them. I often hear spirits convey that they thought they would be missed, but they thought their loved ones would “get over it.” They simply didn’t understand how their actions would be so devastating. While there’s no punishment in the Afterlife, understanding the pain they caused others is intense.

Learning and Growing Beyond Physical Existence

While the act of suicide often comes from a place of deep despair and isolation, the Afterlife offers a contrasting panorama where souls can expand their consciousness and grow in ways that were not possible during their physical existence. They are given the opportunity to learn vital lessons, to develop empathy and understanding, not as a punishment but as a means to evolve and to find a deeper sense of peace.

Healing and Restoration

Within the nurturing confines of the Afterlife, these souls undergo a process of healing and restoration. They are given time to mend, to reflect upon their earthly experiences, and to cultivate a deeper understanding of the intricacies of human existence. This is a time when regret transforms into a profound understanding, helping them to heal from the inside out.


The spirits I have channeled who transitioned via suicide have offered a consistent theme. They are taking responsibility for their actions. I often hear the important message they wish to convey that they knew they could have leaned on their loved ones in the physical world – they knew they could have reached out, but it was their choice not to. They consistently take responsibility for their actions, and hope their loved ones left behind will release any feelings of guilt.

The Role of Compassion and Forgiveness

As we navigate our understanding of this sensitive topic, it’s imperative that we, the living, foster a dialogue marked by compassion and forgiveness. It is not our place to judge the actions of those who found themselves caught in a maelstrom of suffering. Instead, we are called to send them love, to visualize and/or pray for their healing, and to trust in the infinite wisdom of the universe to guide them on their journey towards peace and redemption.


In the face of such profound sorrow, we find a call to deepen our compassion, to extend our love to those who could see no other way out of their pain. As we reflect on the journey of souls who have transitioned through suicide, let us remember that the Afterlife offers them a sanctuary of healing and growth, a chance to see the broader tapestry of their lives and to work towards healing and enlightenment.

Through the lens of the Afterlife, we see that death is not an end, but a transformation, a continuation of the soul’s journey towards love, understanding, and unity. Let us hold them in our hearts, trusting that they are guided and supported in the realms of Spirit, and that through love and compassion, healing is always possible.

Love & Light,
Psychic Medium Kelly Palmatier
Channeling White Light Towards a Better World

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