I saw a lovely husband and wife in my office today, and we enjoyed a strong mediumship session. Several of their loved ones came through with messages of love and support.

One of the spirits was the best friend of the husband. I picked up on several details, such as how the spirit, whom I’ll call Raymond (not his real name), had taken his own life by gunshot to the head. He was doing very well in spirit, joking and laughing with his living best friend. He even described how he was with the spirit of his favorite dog, who came through with the exact name, Jo-Jo. Raymond told his friend to release the burden of guilt, for nothing could have prevented him from taking his life that day.

When the session was over, the wife asked if I had time for her to tell me a story. I did, and I encouraged her to continue.

She described how she had come to see me a couple of years before. In her previous session, many spirits had come through, but one had been unclear at the time.

“You described a tall man on the side of a mountain. He was wearing a cowboy hat. There was something going on with his head. A moment later, you said he might not be in spirit yet.”

I listened with great interest as my client continued. “That was two years and one day ago. You were describing Raymond, and today is the two-year anniversary of his passing.”

Sometimes, the energy of a plan in motion is strong enough that it makes waves in the vibration of the universe, even if the intended action has not yet come to fruition.

Psychic Medium Kelly Palmatier
Channeling White Light Towards a Better World

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